Delivery Systems 

We offer clients a variety of services encompassing design/build, CM @ Risk and conventional bid projects.

Our approach to all projects utilizes our three key management principals of Partnering, Communication, and Innovation. Using these principals we are able to resolve potential issues early on and spot possible savings, in addition to providing the client with a quality project delivered safely, on time, and within budget.


Our construction expertise in conjunction with our reputable team of Architects and Engineers is utilized to partner with the client in developing the design and construction of quality buildings.

  • 15 years experience providing design/build & pre-construction services
  • Over 40 projects successfully completed which utilized our design/build or preconstruction services
  • Premier design/build contractor for the Alaska District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

CM @ Risk

The CM @ Risk project approach is financially beneficial to both the owner and Watterson, throughout the project Watterson’s team continuously develops cost saving strategies that coincide with project requirements, these cost savings are then shared with the owner.

  • Successful experience on over 25 CM @ Risk contracts
  • Recent CM @ Risk resulted in approx. 4% savings to the owner

Conventional bid

A combination of our assets and experience allows us to form a competitive bid on all aspects of the project.

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