Safety is our number one concern. Our employees are irreplaceable and our future depends on them.

Every employee from the President to the newest laborer makes it a priority to maintain a culture of safety. Our everyday goal is to have every one of our crew members return home in the same condition in which they left for work.

Safety though Innovation

Watterson Construction takes pride in being an innovator in the Alaska construction industry. Innovation helps us to improve safety on our jobsites, and in most cases safety innovations aid in creating more time-efficient construction methods.

Watterson Construction is the only contractor in Alaska to use temporary material handling platforms, and have been doing so for 13 years! We have reaped many benefits from these custom designed material handling platforms. Material handling structures were built to create a safe location for our employees to receive materials above the first floor and to help improve efficiency. Both of these benefits contribute to our ability to deliver projects safely, on time and on budget. This is just one example of how our innovative approach can improve the safety of our jobsites while also improving efficiency.

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